Hardback Edition Formatting Updates

RASV Hardback Front Cover with Spine 3D.png

During the refresh of Genesis, we have begun the preliminary efforts to collocate the unrefreshed books of the ASV alongside the refreshed books of the RASV Old Testament. This has served two purposes:

  1. Preliminary preparations and evaluations for printing the complete Old and New Testaments of the RASV in a single volume

  2. Preliminary production of a single “hybrid” volume containing both refreshed books of the RASV and unrefreshed books of the ASV for personal use

In so doing, however, we have encountered a physical page limit with our current commercial printer affecting the Large Print Edition, preventing from us conducting a preliminary evaluation print. The good news is that we have found a solution with a new commercial printer which will enable the physical production of the Large Print Edition.

There are three resulting changes to the hardback editions:

  1. The planned full-volume 6x9 Linen Hardback with Dust Jacket will be available in the future in a 6.14 x 9.21 Casewrap Hardback with Dust Jacket

  2. The current 60 lb paper will be replaced with a thinner 50 lb paper, which enables us to reduce the binding thickness of the full volume by a ¼” and reduce the associated weight

  3. The production costs can be reduced, which we will be passing along to this community

Some additional formatting improvements are also being made irrespective of the physical printing production:

  1. Larger page headers, footers, and gutters

  2. Improved precision in the layout of the Table of Contents

  3. Improved precision in the chapter drop cap with adjacent text

We will begin making the interior content updates available for review later this month, starting with the Standard Edition, and will follow up later with the Large Print Edition. More information will be available as soon as it is available.